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    playstation 1

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     1 or 2 Players

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Barbie's second appearance on PlayStation is a multi-sport racing game developed by Runecraft, Ltd. and published by Mattel Media. Barbie Super Sports allows you to choose between in-line skating through city streets or snowboarding over snow covered mountains. Compete head-to-head against a friend in two-player split-screen mode, against the clock, or even a PlayStation computer opponent. While these sports do not overlap or work together, you can switch sports at any time during gameplay.

Before the game begins you will visit either the Snowboard Shop or the Skate Shop to load up on the latest clothing fashions, and necessary sports equipment such as skates and boards. Throughout the game Barbie will help guide you through ways to score points and earn tickets to upgrade to higher quality equipment that can do more tricks and maneuvers. A stereo system in both shops selects the type of tunes to hear, but be sure to listen to the music samples before you make your decision.

When the game begins, you will go through a quick lesson before moving on to the first of three main levels. If in-line skating is the sport you chose, you will enter the Skating Practice Area to experiment with tricks, movement, and jumping. You can also earn tickets for equipment upgrades while practicing tricks -- so stock up! Access each of the game's four levels from this area, but the forth level can only be entered after you have won all three golden keys from the three main levels(City Race, Boardwalk and Oriental Gardens) where you will get an objective and new challenges. Collect all three golden keys to unlock the final level -- Theme Park -- to compete for the grand prize.

If snowboarding is your sport, you'll find yourself on the Bunny Slope to practice your moves before you hit the slopes. The technical aspects are the same as skating. Access each of the game's four levels from this area. As in the in-line skating sport, you can enter the forth level after winning all three golden keys from the three main levels (Alpine Slalom, Balloon Run and Snowman Smash) where you get new objectives and challenges. This time, collect all three golden keys to unlock the final level -- Ice River -- to compete for the grand prize.

Don't worry about getting confused, Barbie will keep you up to date on your goals, how to score points, and more. Throughout the game, you will do cool tricks and maneuvers, and pick up items to gain points and tickets to use in the shops. Ramps, jumps, rails, quarter pipes and many other challenges await you.

* Test your skills in snowboarding and rollerblading
* Earn tickets to spend on new equipment
* Race against the computer or a friend

  Manufacturer's description:

Get ready for cool Snowboarding and In-Line Skating action with Barbie!

* 2-player fun! Play alone or with a friend!
* Race and play through 10 challenging levels!
* Choose all the action as you help Barbie do amazing flips and tricks!
* Control tons of cool outfits for Barbie to wear!
* Find the keys to unlock the ultimate level – plus discover secret areas!
* Race against friends down the slopes and through the skate park!
* Use your points to get new gear at the sports shop and do amazing stunts!


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • In-Line Skating & Snowboarding themes.