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 Barbie Race & Ride

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    playstation 1

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    horse ride 

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     1 or 2 Players

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    n / a
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Barbie makes her first appearance on the PlayStation console with a new equestrian action game published by Mattel Media. With Barbie Race & Ride, you can now choose, care for, and groom your own virtual horses. You can also initiate many activities, from inviting friends out for casual horseback riding to realistic racing and jumping contests. Compete against Barbie, friends, or the clock.

After signing in and setting up the game's options, including choosing a one or two-player mode, you choose the outfit Barbie will wear for the rest of the game. It's then off to the stables to select, name, feed, and groom a horse. Horses can be fed a variety of foods, including apples, carrots, strawberries, and sugar cubes.

Saddle up and let the adventure begin. Ride through the trails of Secret Valley to find places to race, timed obstacle courses, all sorts of animals, and many games and puzzles. Barbie Race & Ride features a variety of realistic outdoor environments and locales such as The Beach, The Forest, The Meadow, and The Mountains.

Trails and activities, including riding lessons, can be selected by visiting the Barbie Race & Ride Bulletin Board, the place where players can be changed and games can be saved. Barbie also needs help finding a postcard missing from the Bulletin Board. Find all the pieces of the postcard to reveal the way to the hidden Secret Ranch where a special surprise awaits!

  Manufacturer's description:

Race, ride, jump and explore with Barbie in this 2-player horseback riding adventure!

Choose and name your very own horse!
Race against friends in 2-player races and timed competitions!
Ride and explore 5 amazing trails - like snowy mountains and the beach!
Play all kinds of fun games and puzzles - each game brings you close to the surprise!
Solve all the levels to find a secret surprise at the mystery ranch!


  • First or Third person perspectives.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Horse racing & ride themes.