playstation 1  Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Midway Collection 2


 Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Midway Collection 2

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    playstation 1

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     Digital Eclipse Software, Inc

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     GT Interactive

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     1-2 Players

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Collecting seven arcade games from the mid to late 1980s, the second edition of Midway's Arcade's Greatest Hits includes: Blaster, Joust 2, Splat!, BurgerTime, Spy Hunter, Rootbeer Tapper, and Moon Patrol.

Blaster (1983) is a nineteen-level, first-person shooter that puts you at the helm of a spaceship, blasting and avoiding robots, vampire ships, saucers, and other alien enemies. For extra points you can rescue men that you'll find floating in space.

As the name implies, Joust 2 (1986) is the sequel to Joust, a game in which you fly an ostrich around a world of lava pits, floating cliffs, pterodactyls, and buzzards. In both games you can defeat your enemies by colliding with them, as long as your lance is higher than your enemy's lance. Joust 2 adds to this concept by including more enemies and backgrounds and by giving you the ability to turn your ostrich turn into a pegasus.

Splat! (1982) is a food-fighting game in which you try to keep your head attached to your shoulders while hurling food at your opponent and at onscreen enemies. Spy Hunter (1983) puts you behind the wheel of a G-6155 CIA Prototype interceptor, using its machine-gun cannons, anti-tailgating deterrents, smoke screens, and missiles to blow away wicked spies. A van you can use to replenish your armaments appears on the road from time to time.

In BurgerTime (1982) you control Chef Peter Pepper, a chef who builds hamburgers by walking across patties, cheese, lettuce, and buns, dropping them vertically into stacks. While you are making burgers, Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Egg, and Mr.Pickle chase after you. You can spray pepper on these culinary enemies, temporarily freezing them in their tracks, or you can kill them by flattening them with hamburger parts.

Moon Patrol (1982) puts you on the moon, driving a Moon Buggy from left to right, across an obstacle course of craters, mines, boulders, rolling stones, and hungry space plants. You must also contend with low-flying spaceships and UFOs. Your Moon Buggy can shoot straight up and straight ahead; it can speed up and slow down; and it can jump.

Based on the arcade game Tapper, Rootbeer Tapper puts you in the role of the last of the root beer servers. Here you must serve rootbeer to thirsty cowboys, athletes, aliens, and punk rockers before they reach the end of the counter.

  Manufacturer's description:

BLASTER pits your starship shooting skills against endless waves of enemies: Roto-Shooting Robots, Runaway Spaceships, Evasive Vampire Ships, Squads of Saucer Ships, The Masterminds and more - 20 million light years away!

Specialty of the House! Help Chef Peter Pepper in a race to collect patties, cheese, lettuce and buns! Face challenging mazes, make mounds of burgers and score big time inBURGERTIME!

JOUST 2 the sequel to the record-setting video game, pits you against Buzzards and Vultures in an intense battle for survival. Buzzard eggs hatch into Evil Aggressors while Golden Eggs offer the promise of special rewards and ultimate victory!

Alien attacks, bottomless craters, boulders, land mines, cannons, low-flying planes on your tail and the clock ticking away...These are just some of the challenges awaiting you in MOON PATROL!

It's fun, refreshing, mug slidin' fun. You'll love serving frosty root beers to the thirsty customers in four different scenes. Quench your thirst for fun with another classic,ROOT BEER TAPPER!

SPLAT, the never-before-seen lost classic! Splat goofy nerds in the face and watch them bounce off the walls. Pass through the door by catching keys and reach the other side with ease. Your enemies are nasty, so beware of speedy hit men, banana peels and popcorn stalkers!

Smoke Screens, Oil Slicks, Missiles, and the guts to use 'em. SPY HUNTER puts you in the seat of your very own high-tech, high performance spy roadster! Avoid the civilian cars while running the bad guys off the road in a ball of fire!


  • Third person perspective.
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Arcade classic games theme.