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    playstation 1

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    flight simulator 

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     1 Player

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Ace Combat 2 is the sequel to the 1995 Arcade/Flight-sim Air Combat, released in 1997 by Namco. Ace Combat 2 continues the arcade style gameplay of its predecessor; albeit with some minor improvements. It is part of the Ace Combat series. Ace Combat 2 is the second Ace Combat game for the PlayStation. It has been seen as the best one for the PlayStation, and many other games in the series use similar maps or scenarios from missions in this game.

Ace Combat 2's gameplay is very similar to Air Combat (its predecessor) however, AC2 has considerably improved graphics (both the planes and environment) and detailed features such as: moving flaps, air-brakes and afterburner effects. An exciting new feature is the ability to find (and shoot down) enemy Ace planes; doing so will result in the player being rewarded with a medal of the defeated Ace, that can be viewed in the games medal viewer. Also the player can unlock "extra" aircraft for subsequent replays. One more interesting feature is the branching story paths; basically two sets of missions split between Operations "A"lphaville" and "B"ellissima" they each contain unique missions and both branches lead to mission 19. (Jewel Box)

Ace Combat 2 also features realistic dog fights, total 3D polygons, advanced artificial intelligence, dynamic mission debriefings, secret planes and hidden missions.

The game uses several elements that are still used in other Ace Combat games. There is the ability for the camera to focus on the last target that was destroyed, and also the ability to give wingmen orders.

There are numerous enemy Aces that the player can find and shoot down. While many of the normal pilots are Aces, the legendary pilots are the best forces that can be fought. They are distinguished from ordinary pilots by being named, and having a distinctive paint on their fighter. The legendary pilots all have different behaviours than other ones, and some of them work in a squadron. Shooting down a legendary pilot or the legendary squadron will earn the player a medal.

There are 3 different endings for the player to experience; a "normal" ending, a "bad" ending, and a secret "Bonus" ending. The player's actions during the game will decide what ending the player sees.

Military Rebels have seized Unified Forces sector NA-P2700. Striking while the heads of state were at a peace summit, political insurrectionists have seized and occupied the administration's center. Many institutions have already fallen to the rebels' orchestrated attacks around the world. Intelligence reports that the rebels now possess both strategic and long-range weapons. Their sphere of power has rapidly expanded in the coup d'état, as has their military capabilities. Since the United Forces are already spread thin around the globe, UF Headquarters has formed a mercenary tactical strike force, code named: Scarface. The player is to lead strike force Scarface against the rebel insurgents. The story is very light, but it foreshadows future events in later Ace Combat games.

Ace Combat 2 features twice the amount of planes to choose from than its predecessor; each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The player can fly various types of aircraft, ranging from the F-4 Phantom, F-14 Tomcat, F-117 Nighthawk, A-10 Thunderbolt II, the Russian MiG-29, Su-35, YF-22 as well as other types.

- Fortress Intolerance
The Intolerance was a fortification in the Playstation 1 game Ace Combat 2, built in North Point. It was used by the Usean Rebel Forces in the war at that time. After both of their Extra Powerful Cruise Missile carrying submarines, the Dragonet 1 & 2, were destroyed, the rebels had still one EPCM left in the Intolerance. This is why it is often counted as a superweapon along with both of the giant submarines. After the battle at St. Ark, the rebel forces retreated to the fortress.

The fortress bears a strong resemblance to Megalith, a superweapon in Ace Combat 4. In fact, Megalith is on the island that you start AC2 in, while Intolerance is at North Point, where you begin AC4. The fortress has two power plants guarded by SAM's(Surface-to-air missile) and tanks, while around the main hill the Intolerance is built on are more SAM's, small forts and a small runway. The fortress has an extreme arsenal of F-15's in stock, and also has the Z.O.E. ace captain flying in a common super plane in the AC series, the ADF-01. Inside the fortress itself is of course the gigantic cruise missile readying for launch. The players character in the game, "Scarface 1", is sent to destroy the Intolerance. After clearing out the tanks around the power plants, friendly forces are able to open a heat vent door in the Intolerance, which has just enough room for Scarface 1 to fly in and blow up the missile. After this is done, all the enemy forces are elminated by a chain reaction of explosions.

- Dragonet 1 and 2:
The Dragonet class submarines (ancestors of the Yuktobanian Scinfaxi class submarine in the Playstation 2's Ace Combat 5) were two superweapons in the Playstation 1 game Ace Combat 2. These submarines were huge, and they both carried one extra-powerful Cruise Missile, just like the one in the Fortress Intolerance, another superweapon in the game. They were used by the Usean Rebel Forces in the war at that time.

Both submarines were armed with machine guns and SAM's (Surface-to-air missile), and one EPCM. The Dragonet 1 was stationed in a submarine base on the south-eastern coast of the Usean/Erusean continent. It had very little to do in the war, as the players character "Scarface 1" destroyed it when he made a secret raid into the base, just as the Dragonet was leaving.

It is not known where the Dragonet 2 was built, possibly in the same submarine base, but as it arrived in the last stages of the war to the city of St. Ark, the city was already under siege of governmental forces. It proceeded to dive into the sea and left quickly to escape to the Fortress Intolerance, located in North Point. Just before it had managed to get on to the surface, it was detected and Scarface 1 was scrambled to the location. After a fierce fight, Scarface manages to hit the submarine fatally. All seems well untill the last act of the now sinking sub is to launch its cruise missile at St. Ark, possibly hoping to eliminate any friendly forces left there. Scarface 1 proceeds to catch up with it. It is difficult as Scarface can't lock on to the target with his own missiles, but he manages to destroy the missile with his machine gun. Thus ends the terror of the Dragonet class submarines.

  Manufacturer's description:

Superior enemy intelligence.

We've devised a weapon that's deadlier than a smart bomb. It's called a smart pilot. Now, Ace Combat 2 pits you against a whole squadron of them - 3-D polygon jet jocks that maneuver like the real deal, turning every scorching sortie and dogfight into a kill-or-be-killed situation. With nearly double the missions of its predecessor, you'll double your chances of taking out the enemy. (Or taking a heat-seeker up the exhaust.)

- The most realistic dogfights ever created for the Playstation game console.
- Total 3-D polygon environment - fly freely and unload your arsenal with reckless abandon.
- Advanced artificial intelligence - cunning and calculating enemy pilots.
- 30 formidable missions - nearly double the missions of Air Combat.
- Awesome mission debriefings - dynamic diagrams and moving maps for surgical strikes.
- Secret planes and hidden missions - the better you fly, the more you'll reveal.


  • Third or first person perspectives.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • War & combat planes themes.